How To Help Someone With Heroin Addiction?

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Do you know someone battling with heroin addiction? Most families, relatives and friends of heroin addicts have the common mistake of negative enabling. This approach always fails because the right method to deal with an addict is through “counter-intuitive.”

Most often the family and loved ones of a heroin addict is blinded by still offering the addict with care, compassion and concern, and providing them with money, food and a home. However, it is not what they need. By continuously providing these, you are just enabling their way to self-destruction.

Anyone with heroin addiction will suffer with the consequences. Addiction brings a number of problems not only for themselves, but to other family members. By providing everything for them will not help them realize their drug problem.

Some family fears that if they will ban the heroin addict to enter their home, they will be homeless. If they won’t give them money, they will be hungry. Loved ones of the addict have many fears, fear that something may happen to the opiate addict.

One thing that loved ones of the addict should realize is that the best way to help them is not by enabling. If you enable them, you extend the chance of them committing an overdose and be close to death. By giving them money, the more their heroin addiction can get spiral out of control.

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Here are 5 practical tips to help a heroin addict:

1. No to enabling.

Do not enable an addict by providing them with resources that would aggravate their addiction. Most common forms of this is providing them financially or by providing them with a shelter. Others enable them by giving them a mobile phone or a transportation that all just lead to maintaining their drug abuse.

2. Provide an opportunity to change.

This can only take effect when the family or loved ones of someone with heroin addiction will stop the “negative enabling.” Positive enabling reinforces a chance for the person to change. Imagine not giving them with money, shelter, or food, there is a big chance for them to change.

In his stage, it is crucial to reaffirm that you care and love the individual, but for their own good, you cannot continue tolerating their addiction. Let know also that you are always there when they realize that they want to reform and seek a recovery program.

3. Find support.

Dealing with someone with heroin abuse is challenging. You cannot manage it by your own and so you need the help of other medical professionals who can guide you and your loved one who is addicted to drugs.

Support groups like Al-Anon can provide assistance and support that your family needs during this challenging time. Getting help could assure that you know what to do. Often times, when you get tired of dealing with the problem, family members give up and provide “negative enabling” again.To prevent this, it is important to stay in contact with support groups.


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